Electronic and Communication Engineering

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3 Circuit Theory & Control 3500 3000Enroll Now
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Electronics and Communications Engineering is the usage of science and math connected to functional issues in the field of gadgets and correspondences. Gadgets and correspondences engineers take part in examine, plan, improvement and testing of the electronic gear utilized as a part of different frameworks.
The applications which make our life simpler and agreeable, for example, Television, Radio, Computers, Mobiles and so forth are outlined and created by Electronics and Communication Engineers
  1. Plan and look after satellites, which bring TV, phone and Internet benefit into remote and provincial districts.
  2. ECE Engineers additionally makes propelled correspondence offices like video conferencing which unite individuals from everywhere throughout the world.
  3. Creates programs for different control and correspondence frameworks.
Opens up awesome profession prospects for the candidate. The candidate after finishing of the degree can without much of a stretch benefit openings for work in assembling enterprises and administration associations, for example, communicating, counselling, information correspondence, excitement, innovative work; and framework bolster. The competitors can likewise work in present day mixed media benefit firms that are engaged with ongoing exchange of data through video conferencing and web broadcasting.
The opportunities are aplenty for gadgets and correspondence builds as they are utilized in assortment of divisions, for example, Indian Telephone Industries, Civil Aviation, Development Centers in different States, Defense, NPL, A.I.R, Posts and Telegraph Department, Railways, Bharat Electronics Limited, D.R.D.O, Telecommunication, Software Engineering/IT, Power segment, Hardware Manufacturing, Home Appliance and VLSI outline, Television Industry and Research and Development.

Some job titles

  1. 1.Service Engineer
  2. 2.Software Analyst
  3. 3.Technical Director
  4. 4.Field Test Engineer
  5. 5.Senior Sales Manager
  6. 6.Network Planning Engineer
  7. 7.Customer Support Engineer
  8. 8.Electronics and Communications Consultant
  9. 9.Research & Development Software Engineer

You can work in the purchaser gadgets, flight and aeronautics, fabricating, power age and dissemination, interchanges, transportation, broadcast communications, radio and TV, PC applications, healing center symptomatic gear and seaward enterprises.
This branch is joined with different branches like common, basic and electrical building, One of the essential work that are included by the architects incorporate innovative work of satellite, outline, link frameworks, radio waves, cell phones, web etc.
This branch offers plenty of openings for work for the designers. They are for the most part utilized by electronic and correspondence industry. Alternate enterprises which offer arrangement to the candidate incorporate IT, customer gadgets, control transmission organizations, PC applications, avionics, media transmission, electronic media and assembling organizations.