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Civil Engineering

Sno. Subject Pendrive Online Enroll
1 Engineering Management 3500 3000Enroll Now
2 Civil Engg. material & Construction Practices 3500 3000Enroll Now
3 Geo-technical & Foundaation Engg. 3500 3000Enroll Now
4 Water Resources Systems 3500 3000Enroll Now
5 Principle of Geo-informatics 3500 3000Enroll Now
6 Analysis of Design of Structures 3500 3000 Enroll Now
7 Design of RCC & Pre-stressed Concrete Structures 3500 3000 Enroll Now
8 Design of Steel Structures 3500 3000 Enroll Now
9 Principle of Environment Engineering 3500 3000 Enroll Now

Why choose us?

AMIE in Civil Engineering will make it possible for you to become a successful Civil Engineer without going to regular classes. It's a course that has been especially designed for those individuals and full-time job holders who want to earn a degree, but can’t attend daily classes. AMIE opens the doors for the rehearsing confirmation holders to be a graduate at affordable fees under highly skilled faculty.
We provide you with downloadable study materials for each section. Read them online or get them in your pendrive, we have it all. Moreover, we also have demo videos to make learning interesting and easy to understand.

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Criteria for Consideration

The recognition holders are given more preference compared to candidates who have recently cleared their 10+2 exams.

  • The diploma holders have to appear for less number of papers in Section A
  • A confirmation holder has to appear for just 4 papers’ per session out of 10 papers’ in Section A,
However, Section B is regular for both the diploma and non-diploma holders while Section A is mandatory for all branches of designing for the non-diploma holders’.
The centre papers in civil designing are to be attempted in Section B as given. 6 of the Section B papers are obligatory while remaining 3 papers can be chosen from the discretionary papers. It is necessary for the applicants to have 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Math (*we are not accepting applications for new batch who have not done their diploma).

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Tenure for course completion:

The time-frame in which candidate completes the electrical engineering course depends upon their unique abilities comprising of time management. There may be individuals who will finish in 3 years while others may take a longer time. The candidate has to finish the entire degree course is 6 years each for section A and section B respectively. We have two sessions set aside for the exams- the summer session (May/June) and the winter session (November/December). It has been set-up thoughtfully to instill more flexibility and ease in completing the degree program.

Opportunities you can explore

Civil Engineers are in demand and are an important part of the growing economy, globally. You can be a well-qualified professional if you take the right path to educate yourself on time. With us, you will not just gain a graduate degree, but our easy to access knowledge resources will help you excel in what you do. However, your dedication makes the whole difference. Hence, why wait if you want grow career-wise? Join our classes right away.