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AMIE Mechanical

Sno. Subject Pendrive Online Enroll in Multiple Sub
1 Engineering Management 3500 3000Enroll Now
2 Mechanics of Solid 3500 3000Enroll Now
3 Mechanics of Fluid 3500 3000Enroll Now
4 Thermal Science and Engineering 3500 3000Enroll Now
5 Manufacturing and Technology 3500 3000 Enroll Now
6 Design of Machine Elements 3500 3000Enroll Now
7Refrigeration and Air-conditioning 3500 3000Enroll Now

Why choose us?

AMIE in Mechanical Engineering empowers you to become a successful Mechanical Engineer, even without attending regular classes. It's a well known course among professionals/individuals who are not able to take up general classes due to full-time careers. AMIE gives the much-needed opportunity to rehearsing confirmation holders in gaining a degree capability at a reasonable cost with effective guidance.
We provide you with downloadable study materials for each section. Read them online or get them in your pendrive, we have it all. Moreover, we also have demo videos to make learning interesting and easy to understand.

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The recognition holders get preference over candidates who have recently cleared their 10+2 exams.

  • Firstly, they need to show up for less number of papers in Section A.
  • Out of 10 papers in Section A, a confirmation holder can show up for just 4 papers’ per session.

However, Section B is regular for both the candidate classifications whereas Section A is compulsory for all branches of designing for the non-diploma holders’.
The centre papers in mechanical designing are to be attempted in Section B as given. 6 of the Section B papers are obligatory while remaining 3 papers can be chosen from the discretionary papers.
It is mandatory for the applicants to have 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Math (*we are not accepting applications for new batch who have not done their diploma).

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The tenure in which he/she completes the electrical engineering course depends upon the applicant. Some may finish in 3 years while others may take additional time. The maximum period for the candidate to finish with the entire degree course is 6 years each for section A and section B respectively. We have two sessions set aside for the exams- the summer session (May/June) and the winter session (November/December). It has been designed accordingly to ensure more flexibility to complete the entire course with ease.

Scope for Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is considered to be one the most evergreen and essential branch of engineering. Professionals like mechanical engineers play an important role in the manufacturing industry and more. The scope for this zone has been growing tremendously. Hence, get yourself enrolled and prepare yourself for a great future. Let us know about your queries related to any crucial matters of the course we provide. We will be glad to help you out.