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I was gotten some information about IEI exams, I am a Corporate individual from IEI and at present having an AMIE enrollment. So let me initially reveal to you that passing IEI exams are not all that extreme in the dislike passing an exam in standard building universities where you sessional marks adds to your last outcome and you can without much of a stretch pass, and regardless of the possibility that you have a back you can be moved up to next semester and can clear back at the same time, yet in IEI exams you need to procure min. 50 checks in only 3 hours for getting a review C and to get exclusion in that specific subject, in addition to you need to Clear initially segment A totally to get enlist for Section B. This makes it somewhat not quite the same as what we have found in our standard school/school exam, and in light of this reason individuals call it an intense, however the procedure isn’t straight forward yet exams are not all that extreme, it can undoubtedly be cleared with appropriate arranging, applied lucidity and time administration .

Furthermore, you can likewise considered it that IEI is giving you a Professional degree in building with equal status in simply passing 13 papers+lab+projects..will it ought to take after a similar exam example and strategy like different foundations? At that point, for what reason ought not it be unique in relation to others? One major reason individuals call it extreme, since max. wannabes are working experts and they took this exam free and get ready in a weeks ago, and in the event that they not ready to pass… begin accusing. Likewise one needs to fare thee well while composing hypothesis paper that answers ought to be given in the recommended word limits , this is one of the enormous motivation behind why wannabes flop notwithstanding endeavoring all inquiries.

This blog isn’t to demotivate or spur you, however make you mindful of the general myth and reality of the exam procedure, in light of the fact that at last reality will help you to prevail in any exam. Assist you can check my answers in Quora, I have attempted to answer a portion of the general inquiries there. Good Luck and all the best!
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